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Supervision and Community for Therapists

EMDR Group Supervision: $50/hour per 4-person group

No current group openings.

Individual Consultation towards EMDR Certification: $125/hour

$55/hour per 2-person group

(counts as .5 individual supervision hours)

Colorado EMDR Therapists Group: FREE

Why work with me?

My hope is that therapists working with me feel safe to show up with curiosity and vulnerability. Integrating EMDR into your practice can feel overwhelming, exciting, and confusing all at the same time! I try to provide a space full of warmth, validation, and authenticity so all the parts of you can feel heard and respected in your EMDR journey and learning. 


I am currently an EMDR Approved Consultant. I integrate Ego-State Therapy into my EMDR work and provide EMDR via virtual weekly sessions as well as extended and day-long intensives. I love supporting clinicians working with adults navigating complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, and grief and loss.


I have found EMDR to be such a powerful form of treatment and am passionate about providing a nurturing and shame-free environment for therapists to feel heard and to develop their EMDR skills with confidence and empathy! 

Welcome, healers! I am so grateful that you are here.

How do I join the Colorado EMDR Therapists Facebook Group?

If you are trained in EMDR  and live and practice in Colorado, please submit to join the community on Facebook. 

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