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Extended EMDR Sessions

Day-Long Intensives

Three Half-Day Sessions

*Three 3-hour sessions over three consecutive days*

Example: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 9am - 12pm 



9-Hours of EMDR

*9-Hours of EMDR Scheduled over a day and half*

Example: Monday 9am - 4pm and Tuesday 9am - 12pm


Breaks may be requested and taken throughout Intensives.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your Intensive. 

Intensives are not covered by insurance at this time.

EMDR Intensive Cancellation Policy

What is EMDR?

In EMDR, we believe that we all have a natural healing system (AIP or Adaptive Information Processing System) that allows us to experience, process, and store memories in a healthy and adaptive way. However, sometimes in life, we experience something that the AIP cannot fully process. In EMDR, the goal is to help your natural AIP with healing so that you no longer feel like you are reliving the memory or feel defined by those experiences in a painful way.

Watch some videos about EMDR here.

Why should I consider extended sessions or intensives?

  • Finding time during the week to focus on trauma can be hard - we don't always want to sit in disturbing feelings or thoughts right before work or after a long day - with an intensive we can select an Intensive format during the week that works for you - an Intensive sessions allows us to purposefully and mindfully focus on this work without distraction 

  • Instead of working through trauma or yucky experience over an extended period of time, which can be a long investment of time, money, and energy, an Intensive session allows us to make progress faster in a shorter period of time 

  • We may not get through an entire memory or "target" in one Intensive, however, the goal is to move towards healing faster so you can resume work with me or your individual therapist having made progress in a concentrated period of time

  • For research on EMDR intensives, click here, here, or here


Am I a good fit for EMDR Intensives?

There are a variety of intensive formats. However, you may be a good fit for EMDR Intensives with me if you:

  • Need support processing a single-incident-trauma

    • Examples: Car accident, natural disaster, medical injury, assault​

  • Need support healing from ongoing-traumatic-stress:

    • Examples: Complicated pregnancy/delivery or miscarriage, divorce, unexpected loss of loved one, vicarious trauma from work (medical providers, teachers, caregivers, therapists, first responders)​

  • Want support processing through specific chunks of time:

    • Examples: College, time at a toxic job, a stressful move, a painful relationship​

EMDR Intensives with me are not appropriate for those:

  • Navigating Substance Use, Active Eating Disorders, Suicidal Thoughts/Self-Harm, Dissociative Disorders 

  • Wanting to work through complex childhood traumas (longer intensives are recommended)

  • I can provide referrals to providers who offer week-long in-person intensives

How long will it take?

In EMDR, there is no set amount of time it takes to move through the treatment and is specific to each individual. Treatment length  will depend on:


1. Time spent during history taking, treatment planning, and learning coping skills

2. Selected target (memory/experience) and treatment goals

For more detailed information on the protocol:

What will it look like?

Prior to scheduling an intensive, I request that you are engaging in therapy with an individual therapist. EMDR Intensives with me are a supplemental form of healing to your weekly or bi-weekly support. Before intensives I can (with your consent) communicate with your therapist to ensure comprehensive and supportive treatment.

  • Prior to scheduling our intake, we will chat on the phone for 20-minutes to determine if an intensive could be a good fit for you and your healing

  • Following our phone session, we will then schedule a 1.5-Hour Intensive Intake during which we may:

    • Complete screenings

    • Asses for and/or learn coping skills, gather history, and orient you to Bilateral Stimulation

    • Start/finish treatment planning and select specific goals for treatment 

    • Collaboratively discuss and agree that EMDR Intensives are a good fit for you and your nervous system and discuss next steps

  • At the end of our intake we may decide to:

    • Schedule 3 back-to-back 3-hour intensives in one week (example: Monday - Wednesday mornings)

    • Schedule a day-and-a-half intensive (example: All-day Monday - Tuesday Morning)

    • Or refer back to primary therapist (if I am not the best fit for your healing)

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